Astronergy CHSM6610p-230 Watts Solar Panel



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Astronergy CHSM6610P-230 solar panels are a reliable and cost-effective 60-cell panel suitable for residential, commercial and industrial PV systems. Astronergy produces cells at their state-of-the-art production line and assembles them into high quality, long lasting modules. Astronergy solar modules feature a positive power tolerance, PERC cells and 5 busbar technology.

Astronergy 230 Watt Solar Panel

Model CHSM 6610P-230
Series CHSM 6610P
Manufacturer Astronergy by the Chint Group


Type Poly
Dimensions 65.04″ x 39.13″ x 1.77″
Weight 44 lbs
Frame Silver Anodized Aluminum
Connector Multi Contact Type 4 (MC4)


Watts (STC) 230 W
Watts (PTC) 209.2 W
Max Power Voltage (VMPP) 28.78 V
Max Power Current (IMPP) 7.99 A
Open Circuit Voltage (VOC) 37.35 V
Short Circuit Current (ISC) 8.53 A
Max System Voltage DC 600 V


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Weight 44 lbs