Hanwha Q-Cells Q.PLUS-G4.3 285 Watts Solar Panel


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The new high-performance module Q.PLUS-G4.3 is the ideal solution for all applications thanks to its innovative cell technology Q.ANTUM. The world-record cell design was developed to achieve the best performance under real conditions – even with low radiation intensity and on clear, hot summer days.


DC Electrical Characteristics

  • STC Power Rating 285W
  • PTC Power Rating 261.83W 1
  • STC Power per unit of area 15.9W/ft2 (170.7W/m2)
  • Peak Efficiency 17.07%
  • Power Tolerances 0%/+2%
  • Number of Cells 60
  • Nominal Voltage not applicable
  • Imp 8.91A
  • Vmp 31.99V
  • Isc 9.46A
  • Voc 39.22V
  • NOCT 45°C
  • Temp. Coefficient of Isc 0.04%/K
  • Temp. Coefficient of Power -0.4%/K
  • Temp. Coefficient of Voltage -0.114V/K
  • Series Fuse Rating 20A
  • Maximum System Voltage 1000V

Mechanical Characteristics

  • Type Polycrystalline Silicon
  • Output Terminal Type Multicontact Connector Type 4
  • Output Cable Wire Gauge 12 AWG
  • Output Cable Wire Type PV Wire
  • Output Cable Wire Length 39.4in (1,000mm)
  • Frame Color Silver
  • Backsheet Color White
  • Length 65.7in (1,670mm)
  • Width 39.4in (1,000mm)
  • Depth 1.3in (32mm)
  • Weight 41.4lb (18.8kg)

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