IronRidge IRI FF2-01-M1 FlashFoot Mill



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IronRidge FlashFoot2 is an all-in-one solar mounting product for composition shingle roofs that eliminates the need for separate standoffs, flashings, and L-feet. FlashFoot incorporates a number of structural and waterproofing features to securely attach IronRidge XR Rails to roof structures, while also protecting against water intrusion and weather damage. The FlashFoot2 incorporates three layers of water protection which makes it the first solar attachment to pass the wind-driven rain test. The flashing has a 9” x 12” profile, which minimizes interference with roofing nails. FlashFoot2’s alignment markers help to quickly align the flashing with pilot holes. Twisting on the Cap makes FlashFoot2 ready to mount XR Rails. Comes with flashing, lag bolt, and Cap.


Mechanical data & components

15.5 in (length) × 9.8 in (width) × 2.8 in (height)
Weight 0.953 lb


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Weight 0.953 lbs
Dimensions 15.5 × 9.8 × 2.8 in