Schuco MPE 240PS08 240 Watts Solar Panel


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Schuco MPE modules in the PS 08 Series are known for their rugged design and outstanding performance. This makes the a popular choice for both commercial and residential installations.

The production process for the MPE 240 PS 08 polycrystalline cells is more energy efficient than that of some of ther photovoltaic technologies, helping the Earth and the bottom line. The MPE 240PS08 start with high quality materials. These solar panels are manufactured to a stringent specification, resulting in a sturdy product with optimized yields.

The Schuco MPE 240 PS08 solar panel is designed to withstand a wide variety of weather extremes and manufactured to a strict set of quality standard. Performance data is measured prior to the solar module leaving the factory and labeled both on the backsheet and the module packaging. This provides a more convenient installation experience.


DC Electrical Characteristics

  • STC Power Rating 240W
  • PTC Power Rating 215.7W 1
  • STC Power per unit of area 13.4W/ft2 (143.9W/m2)
  • Peak Efficiency 14.39%
  • Power Tolerances 0%/+5%
  • Number of Cells 60
  • Imp 8.11A
  • Vmp 29.65V
  • Isc 8.68A
  • Voc 37.44V
  • NOCT 46°C
  • Temp. Coefficient of Power -0.44%/K
  • Temp. Coefficient of Voltage -0.12V/K
  • Series Fuse Rating 15A
  • Maximum System Voltage 600V

Mechanical Characteristics

  • Type Polycrystalline Silicon
  • Output Terminal Type Multicontact Connector Type 4
  • Frame Color Silver
  • Backsheet Color White
  • Length 65.7in (1,668mm)
  • Width 39.4in (1,000mm)
  • Depth 1.6in (40mm)
  • Weight 44.1lb (20kg)


Additional information

Weight 44.1 lbs