Sharp NE-165U1 165 Watts Solar Panel


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Sharp’s NE-165U1 photovoltaic modules offer high-powered performance and industry leading durability for large electrical power requirements. Using advanced technology perfected by Sharp’s nearly 45 years of research and development, these modules use a textured cell surface to reduce reflection of sunlight, and BSF (Black Surface Field) structure to improve conversion efficiency. An anti-relective coating provides a uniform blue color and increases the absorption of light in all weather conditions.

Common applications include grid-tie systems. These modules can also be used for cabins, solar power stations, pumps, radio relay stations, beacons, and lighting equipment. Designed to withstand rigorous weather conditions.

Sharp’s NE-165U1 SH-165 module has the perfect combination of advanced technology and reliability.


Electrical Characteristics

Cell Multi-crystal silicon
No. of Cells and Connections 72 in series
Open Circuit Voltage (Voc) 43.1V
Maximum Power Voltage (Vpm) 34.6V
Short Circuit Current (Isc) 5.46A
Maximum Power Current (Ipm) 4.77A
Maximum Power (Pm)* 165W
Minimum Power (Pm)* 148.5W
Encapsulated Solar Cell Efficiency (ηc) 14.44%
Module Efficiency (ηm) 12.68%
PTC Rating (W)** 144.80
Maximum System Voltage 600VDC
Series Fuse Rating 10A
Type of Output Terminal Lead Wire with MC Connector

Mechanical Characteristics

Dimensions (A x B x C below) 62.01 x 32.52 x 1.81″ / 1575 x 826 x 46mm
Weight 37.485lbs / 17.0kg
Packing Configuration 2 pcs per carton
Size of Carton 66.93 x 38.19 x 5.12″ / 1700 x 970 x 130mm
Loading Capacity (20 ft container) 168 pcs (84 cartons)
Loading Capacity (40 ft container) 392 pcs (196 cartons)



Additional information

Weight 37.485 lbs
Dimensions 62.01 × 32.52 × 1.81 in