SolarEdge SE10000H-US000BNC4 Grid Tie Inverter



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SolarEdge, SE10000H-US HD-Wave, Non-Isolated 1-Ph, Grid Tied Inverter, 10000W, 240VAC, Arc-Fault Protection, with Revenue Grade Meter (RGM), SE10000H-US000BNC4

The SolarEdge PV inverter combines sophisticated digital control technology with efficient power conversion architecture to achieve superior solar power harvesting and best-in-class reliability.


Mechanical Data

Technology: Single Phase String Inverter w/ RGM
Dimensions: 21.30 x 14.60 x 7.30 inches
Weight: 38.80 lbs
Noise: < 50 dBA
Cooling: Natural Convection
AC Output Conduit Size: 3/4″ Minimum / 14-6 AWG
DC Output Conduit Size: 3/4″ Minimum / 1-3 Strings / 14-6 AWG
Protection Rating: NEMA 4X (Inverter with Safety Switch)

Electrical Data

Rated AC Power Output: 10000VA
Maximum AC Power Output: 10000VA
AC Output Voltage: Minimum: 211VAC; Nominal: 240VAC; and Maximum: 264VAC
AC Frequency (Nominal): 59.3 – 60 – 60.5 Hz
Maximum Continuous Output Current @240V: 42.00 Amps
GFDI Threshold: 1
Utility Monitoring, Islanding Protection, County Configurable Set Points: Yes
Maximum DC Power: 15500 Watts
Transformer-Less Ungrounded: Yes
Maximum Input Voltage: 480VDC
Nominal DC Input Voltage: 400VDC
Maximum Input Current @240V: 27.00 ADC
Maximum Input Short Circuit Current: 45 ADC
Reverse-Polarity Protection: Yes
Ground-Fault Isolation Detection: 600kΩ Sensitivity
Maximum Inverter Efficiency: 99.2%
CEC Weighted Efficiency: 99%
Night-Time Power Consumption: < 2.5 Watts

Additional information

Weight 38.8 lbs
Dimensions 21.30 × 14.60 × 7.30 in