Talesun TP660P-275 (275W) Solar Panel


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  • Weight 10.00 kg
  • Product Line
  • Type
    Solar Panel
  • Features
    All Daylight Conditions
  • Product Type
    Solar Panels
  • Application
  • Talesun 275W Solar Panel (Poly) High
  • Talesun offers European premium quality products with an extremely competitive price to performance ratio.

Some advantages of Talesun TP660P 280 Poly Panel Include:

Peak Power: 265 – 280 Wp High mechanical load strength: can withstand high loading pressure of 5400 Pa Positive performance tolerance meaning that its peak performance will always be higher or equal to the rated output Fabricated with a fully automated production line to enable higher product consistency Extremely wide operating temperature range, from -40 to 85 degrees granting further flexibility in system locations Can tolerate a static load of 5.4kN/m2 25 year performance backed warranty.

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Weight 150 lbs